These paintings embody a dynamic between being fully realized abstract paintings and arrested gestures in a state of undoneness.

The pieces exemplify time and the presence of my hand in concert with painting tools and liquid paint. The colors and gestures are markers of time and change and place. The paintings are unintentionally informed by and distillations of views of the ever-changing patterns of water currents and clouds I observe out my studio window overlooking the East River. The making of paintings is a process of accumulating lessons.

A ground layer of interference paints shift the colors the viewer sees, making the artwork dynamic; reminding us life is always changing. Counter to what the viewer sees, the interference pigments are colorless; it is their ability to bend light that causes a viewer to perceive a color that’s not really there.

The devotion to a practice that is ongoing and with no particular use feels important during a time of political unrest and social chaos.