Time Keeping with Color

Landscape As Time

This project is about time-keeping. It began in April 2013. I captured time passing by documenting the change in color within the landscape at the same location ( New Berlin, NY) over the course of a year. I think of each painting as a landscape;  a pure landscape, reduced to the actual found colors.

For this project, I returned to a specific trail in the forest. I visited this trail in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each time I walked the trail, I took a photo every 100 steps. 18 photos were taken on each walk.

Once back in the studio, I mixed colors with the aide of a program that interprets the color I select from a photo into a paint formula. You will see each season as an individual painting and the entire year as another painting, and variations that I continue to make. I am transposing a specific landscape to a new location, in an abstract form. As I work on this project I'm reminded of Josef Albers' statement: "There is a profound harmony in the immeasurable spectrum of color."