My focus is on the beauty and enigma of light and color.

As nothing is permanent, I make work that shifts in appearance due to light and location.

I target the act of perception and the psychological responses to light, color, and form that can open to the viewer. I’m interested in color phenomena; the ability for color relationships to produce phantom colors in addition to the actual paint surface (aka film color). Properties of interference color and iridescence are of interest, in the ways they allow the surface colors to change with shifts in light and the viewer’s position relative to the work.

My supports are usually translucent to allow light to pass through the paint surface and create an interaction with the changing light in the room.

At times working with "accidental colors" captured from nature and whatever surrounds me, I employ rigor and absurdity in equal measure.

I crave beauty and I work to reduce the visual to utter simplicity.

The paint, tools and my hand interact, creating art without forcing, arriving at meaning without having looked for it. It is through a letting go of intention and balancing that with a degree of reflection that the work comes to be.