BRATTLEBORO MUSEUM, Brattleboro, VT (solo)

BLACK BOX  Saarlandisches Kunstlerhuas, Saarbrucken, DE

EXQUISITE PALETTE, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, AU


CHROMOTOPIA, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, AU

EXTENDED PROCESS, Saturation Point Projects, Deptford, UK


THREE SHELF REDDER, 325 Space, Ridgewood, Queens

OPPLER, Transmitter, Brooklyn, NY


HUE[S]PACE, Odetta, Brooklyn, NY (solo )

LAND, AIR, PLACE, Project:ARTspace, NY, NY

57 W 57th Arts, NY, NY

FICTION (WITH ONLY DAYLIGHT BETWEEN US) .v2, traveling: Dayton, OH, Heidelburg, Germany, Angelika Studios, High Wycombe, UK, Elgin Community College, Chicago, IL


VOLUME 2: Schema Projects, Brooklyn, NY

THE VIOLENT STUDY GROUP, Stout Projects, Brooklyn, NY

THE SHAPE IT TAKES, Ball & Socket Arts, Cheshire, CT

TERRITORY OF ABSTRACTION, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

ALEX PAIK & DEBRA RAMSAY, Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

MATERIAL ATTRACTION, NYIT School of Architecture and Design, New York, NY


LANDSCAPE AS TIME, Hansel&Gretel Picture Garden/Pocket Utopia, NY, NY

THE BRUCENNIAL, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, NY, NY

MADE IN PAINT, Golden Foundation, New Berlin, NY

DOPPLER SHIFT, Visual Arts Center of NJ, Summit, NJ


MAT/tam, Palazzo Costa, Mantova, Italy,  curated by Lucio Pozzi (solo)

SESSION ONE, Pocket Utopia Gallery, NY, NY, curated by Austin Thomas

RITUALS OF EXHIBITION II, H Gallery, Chaing Mai, Thailand

DOPPLER STOP, Parallel Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

DUAL ZONES, Key Projects Art Space, New York, NY

ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS 2013,  Galerie Nord/Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany

REAL TIME, Pop-Up Exhibition, NY, NY curated by Jill Conner

RITUALS OF EXHIBITION, Phayao, Thailand, curated by Giles Ryder and Gilbert Hsiao


DESIRE LINES, Blank Space Art, NY, NY (solo)

ENCAUSTIC WORKS BIENNIAL ’12, The Gallery at R &F, Kingston, NY

TEMPORARY ART MANTO, a series of brief exhibitions, curated/organized by Lucio Pozzi and Annarosa Buttarelli, international range of venues

MAKING ROOM, Institute Library, New Haven, CT

DOPPLER STOP, curated traveling group show. Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Zagreb

DOMINO 02, Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, OH

Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery, Jackson Arts Center, Fall River, MA

TEXTILITY, Visual Arts Center of NJ, Summit, NJ


VISUAL PHRASING, Maloney Art Gallery, College of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown, NJ




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Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

B.A., Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY


Golden Family Foundation, New Berlin, NY 2018

Albers Foundation Residency, Bethany, CT February-March 2016

Golden Family Foundation, New Berlin, NYApril-May 2013

BAU Institute, Otranto, Italy, June 2012


Minus Space, Brooklyn, NY (flat files)

ODETTA, Brooklyn, NY

TSA, Brooklyn, NY