From mid-February to mid-March 2018,  I went on a color research journey to Thailand. I collected colors by photographing objects both natural and human made that caught my eye. There were unusual colors and colors, such as pink taxis and pink police stations, that were unusual associations for a particular color. The most surprising shift was my association to gold. Immersing myself in many Buddhist temples, being surrounded by that color gave me an opportunity to notice its ability to move light and to morph in appearance/color with subtle shifts of light. I attended a flower festival and several amulet and night markets that each supplied unique color palettes.

This gallery contains the beginning work on translating these newly found colors into paintings on translucent Plexiglass. I mix the colors collected from my photographs with the aid of a computer program, to achieve the actual color, not one mediated by memory or personal preference. The Plexiglass support allows light to move through the paint film and the appearance of the painting shifts with time as the light in a room changes through the course of a day. The paintings track time by shifting slightly in color and luminosity depending on the light.