The “Yellow Trail” is on the property of the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation Residency in New Berlin, NY. I hiked this trail during my stay in early spring, taking a photo every 100 steps during the walk. From each of the resulting 18 photos I selected one color that was either the most prominent or the most distinct from its surrounding colors. I used the Virtual Paint Mixer application (designed by Golden Artist Colors) to arrive at the formulas to create the 18 unique colors that documented my spring walk. These 18 colors are the palette I will use until I return to New Berlin to collect the next season’s photographic data to complete a year long investigation of time through color change.

This season-based system builds on my earlier time-based work using a computer program to randomly select songs that became timing devices, determining the duration of my mark-making on a page. In this year-long investigation, I am mapping time through changes in a single extracted natural element: color.

Like my past work, this series utilizes a predetermined system specific to the project, filtering a direct experience of color in nature through a rules-based and technological approach to the collection of color data.

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